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Service Declaration

Service Declaration

OsloMet wants to make your everyday life as a student as enjoyable as possible

This service declaration describes OsloMet's objectives and what you can expect from our services. It also describes what is expected of you as a student so that we can achieve these objectives together.

The service declaration has been approved by Rector 18.06.2014 and is valid from 18.06.2014. The service declaration is revised annually.

The legal rights of students are prescribed in the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges ( – only in Norwegian) and in regulations, including the Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at Oslo Metropolitan University and relevant guidelines: Act relating to Universities and University Colleges (PDF). These rights are not regulated by this document

1. Learning environment

As a student, you can expect OsloMet to

  • Work actively to provide a secure and inclusive learning environment.
  • Treat you with respect and consideration and cooperate on finding constructive solutions.
  • Listen to your requirements and feedback and use them to make necessary improvements.
  • Include student representatives in important decision-making and consultation processes.
  • Facilitate political activities among students by providing funding for student organisations, office space, and infrastructure.
  • Have a quality assurance system which ensures that this educational institution maintains a high quality level and provides possibilities to continually evaluate quality throughout the study programme, including the periods of practical training.
  • Give feedback on the results and measures implemented in response to evaluations and student surveys.
  • Allow for student absence in connection with student political engagement as far academically defensible.
  • Aspire to offer study programmes with an international profile and international expertise through various measures such as student exchanges, guest lecturers from abroad, international curricula, and by enabling visiting exchange students to share experiences with their fellow students.
  • Encourage academically relevant exchange schemes during your course of study and facilitate an international campus environment.
  • Require new teaching staff without pedagogical training to undertake training in professional education.
  • Organise tuition in accordance with study programme descriptions and course plans
  • Motivate teaching staff to keep academically updated.
  • Offer flexible teaching methods and address students' special needs so that everyone can fully benefit from our study programmes.
  • Provide you with academically relevant supervision in both your theoretical and practical studies.
  • Ensure that the Learning Centre and libraries, workshops, and laboratories are updated as far as possible with relevant literature and appropriate equipment.

OsloMet expects you as our student to

  • Treat staff and fellow students with respect and consideration, and to cooperate on finding constructive solutions.
  • Become engaged in matters affecting your everyday life as a student, and to exercise your right to participate in efforts to improve the quality of your studies and learning environment through student evaluations and surveys.
  • Take part in elections for student representatives to OsloMet's bodies.
  • Acquaint yourself with the learning outcomes, teaching activities, compulsory tuition, and examinations in the programme description for your study programme.
  • Be academically active and take part in relevant seminars and group assignments.
  • Conduct yourself in accordance with ethical rules for good practice and with the professional guidelines for your future profession/field of study.

2. Student – and career counselling

You can expect your counsellor to

  • Treat you with respect and observe the duty of confidentiality.
  • Possess the expertise required to conduct counselling and guidance satisfactorily.
  • Assist you with preparing your decision-making basis so that you can make independent decisions.
  • Refer you to the relevant body if he/she cannot provide the assistance you need.

In your dealings with your student – and career counsellor, you are expected to

  • Be willing to accept guidance.
  • Familiarise yourself with the latest information published on OsloMet's website and to come prepared.
  • Tell your counsellor supervisor if something is unclear or if you have any questions.
  • Provide your counsellor with all the information that is relevant and necessary for understanding your situation.

3. Academic administrative services and information

As a student, you can expect OsloMet to

  • Offer accessible and relevant services and clearly communicate where you can find the help you need.
  • Ensure that information affecting you is updated and accessible, and that you can easily find it yourself.
  • Reply to enquiries as fast as possible, and to observe time limits for case processing in accordance with the Public Administration Act.
  • Have a dedicated programme for the commencement of your studies that makes it easier for you to orientate yourself and to get started on your studies This includes providing an introductory course in study techniques and an introduction to use of The University Library, and arranging social events at the beginning of the semester.
  •  Provide information on programme descriptions and schedules well in advance: syllabus, time schedules for tuition and, where relevant, practical training, examination forms and venues, and the assessments/grades used.
  • Inform you by the start of the semester at the latest of deadlines for submitting compulsory assignments such as semester papers, practice reports, etc.
  • Clearly inform you of activities that require compulsory attendance and of the academic/pedagogical reasons for this.
  • Offer admission guidance, general student guidance, and career guidance in addition to academic supervision.
  • Have common written procedures for informing you how to lodge complaints if you should be dissatisfied with the tuition or with other aspects of OsloMet's activities. This information must be easily accessible on OsloMet's website.
  • Ensure that the provisions governing examinations in laws and regulations are complied with, and that the time limits for requesting an explanation of, and for appealing against grades, are made available to students on OsloMet's website.
  • Ensure that information about opportunities to apply for special teaching arrangements, and for special arrangements for examinations in cases of sickness or disability are available on OsloMet's website.
  • Ensure that you as a student are made aware of the assessments that are made by supervisors/teaching practice supervisor, and give you the opportunity to evaluate your practice placements.
  • Issue diplomas and diploma supplements for degrees achieved.
  • Issue transcripts on request.

OsloMet expects you as our student to

  • Observe payment and semester registration deadlines and to observe the stipulated time limits for registering for examinations and for requesting explanations of and appealing against grades.
  • Take personal responsibility for familiarising yourself with relevant information about your studies on OsloMet's website and in Fronter.
  • Familiarise yourself with, and seek the services provided by your faculty's information service or by Servicetorget (Service Centre) at Kjeller or Pilestredet Campus if you have any questions; see Contact information here.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Act relating to Universities and University, the Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at Oslo Metropolitan University, and with other regulations and guidelines that apply for students.
  • Use only legally permitted working methods and examination support material and to familiarise yourself with what is deemed as cheating in examinations.

4. The University Library 

As a student, you can expect The University Library to

  • Ensure good accessibility to relevant literature and updated services within the resources available.
  • Ensure access to electronic information services in the library and via OsloMet's network.
  • Provide students with academically competent supervision and offer training in the use of the library and information services.
  • Foster a good study environment in the library, where students can gain access to learning resources, tools, guidance, and workspace.

The University Library expect you as our student to

  • Comply with the rules which OsloMet's library has set in the best interests of students and staff.
  • Familiarise yourself with the services offered by the library and to make use of the information sources used by individual academic programmes.
  • Make use of the courses offered by the library/specialist sections in order to gain the necessary skills to use the information available.
  • Help to maintain and develop OsloMet's University Library as an attractive study environment.
  • Refrain from removing material from the library with proper registration.

5. The student Welfare Organization in Oslo and Akershus (SiO) 

SiO aims to enhance student life. SiO is partly financed by students' semester fees and therefore offers most of the welfare needs of students. SiO's services are developed in cooperation with student representatives and OsloMet. 

SiO would like students to

  • Find information about relevant products and services.
  • Make active use of what SiO has to offer.
  • Give feedback and make suggestions on how to improve our products and services.

The student can expect SiO to

  • Listen to students needs and wishes.
  • Inform students about our products and services.

We offer

  • catering services that provide good, varied and nutritional food at competitive prices,
  • affordable and varied student accommodation,
  • the regular general practitioner scheme as part of our range of health services,
  • free consultations with a psychologist/psychiatrist, psychomotor physiotherapy, and a counselling service,
  • a dental health service at student-friendly prices for students aged up to 40,
  • a broad range of physical fitness activities at affordable rates,
  • day-care centres for students' children,
  • Facilitate voluntary activities in cooperation with OsloMet.
  • Provide adapted activities for students with disabilities.