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Guidelines regarding written examination with invigilation

Stipulated by the Committee of Education 13th December 2023 pursuant to The Regulations Relating to Studies and Examinations at Oslo Metropolitan University, § 6, stipulated by the Board at Oslo Metropolitan University, 15th June 2023. The guidelines were effective as of 1st January 2024.

1. General

1.1. The Examination Office and the examination invigilators are responsible for administering the written examination with invigilation.

1.2. The head invigilator is in charge of the examination venue during the examination and serves as the Examination Office's deputy.

1.3. The examination invigilators will assist the candidates in signing on to the PCs and the digital examination system, as well as handing out paper, scratch paper, and assisting the candidates with other inquiries they may have.

1.4. The Examination Office will inform the person with course responsibility if there are any queries, ambiguities, or errors in the examination question paper. The person with course responsibility or his/her replacement must be present during the examination, either in the examination venue or via phone.

1.5. The head invigilator must ensure that candidates with granted individual adaptation are given adequate accommodations during the examination. The candidate must notify the invigilator upon entering the examination venue.

2. Before the examination

2.1 The candidates must be at the examination venue no later than 15 minutes before the examination starts.

2.2 The candidates are to present a valid photo ID and sign the list of candidates.

2.3 Candidates who are late, may be admitted to the examination venue up to 60 minutes after the examination has started. Candidates are usually not given extra time if they are late.

2.4 Handbags, backpacks, jackets, and other items must be placed in a designated area within the examination venue. Stationery such as pens, rulers, etc., admitted examination aids, ID, and food/drinks are the only items permitted at the designated seat.

2.5 Cellphones, all forms of watches, and other electronic devices with or without communication capabilities that are not a permitted aid, may not be brought to the designated seat. All electronic devices must be switched completely off and placed in a designated area. Breach of these rules may be regarded as an attempt to cheat. (cf. Guidelines for dealing with cheating/attempted cheating, §7-5 in the Regulations Relating to Studies and Examinations and §4-7 in the Act Relating to Universities and University Colleges.)

3. During the examination

3.1 The candidates are not permitted to withdraw from the examination or leave the examination venue the first 60 minutes after the examination has started.

3.2 Candidates who have questions, should contact an examination invigilator. It is not permitted to communicate with other candidates or individuals during the examination, whether it is inside or outside of the venue.

3.3 If the examination involves writing on paper, candidates must use a pen with either blue or black ink. The candidates are only allowed to write on the answer- and scratch paper provided by the examination invigilator at the venue, on the day of the examination.

3.4 It is not allowed to borrow/share permitted aids between the candidates.

3.5 After being directed to a designated seat, candidates are not allowed to leave without the consent of an examination invigilator.

3.6 If there is an error in the examination question paper, candidates must be notified as soon as possible. If feasible, the information should be provided both orally and in writing.

4. After the examination 

4.1 The candidates have until the end of the examination at their disposal. After the given time is over, candidates are not permitted to continue writing on their examination answer papers. When the examination involves writing on paper, an additional 15 minutes will be provided. This additional time can only be used for sorting paper, adding candidate- and page numbers, as well as submitting the examination answer paper.

4.2 Examinations that must be completed on paper and scanned as part of a digital examination (Scantron) are not regarded as "examinations on paper". Therefore, an additional 15 minutes for sorting the answer paper will not be provided. The answer paper to be scanned (Scantron) must be ready for submission by the time the examination ends.

4.3 The candidates must remain seated at their designated seat until the examination is submitted. Scratch paper will not be accepted as part of the answer paper. The candidates must leave the venue when the answer paper has been submitted.

4.4 Official examination papers, both used and unused, are not permitted to be brought out from the examination venue.

4.5 In the event of an unforeseen incident such as technical difficulties, fire and/or fire alarms, power cuts, etc., additional time will be provided, as a minimum; equal the time lost..