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Renewal of Residence Permit

Renewal of Residence Permit

Non EU/EEA-students who will be staying in Norway for more than one year must remember to apply for renewal of their residence permit.

Renewal of Residence Permit

Information for Self- Financing Non-EU/EEA Students staying for more than a year:

  • You should register your application on UDI's Application Portal and book an appointment with the police at least three months before your current residence permit expires.
  • No later than one moth before your residence permit expires, you must go to your booked police appointment.
  • As long as you have applied in due time you are entitled to stay on the same conditions while UDI process your application.
  • If your current permit expires before you apply, you cannot leave Norway, even for shorter trips, until the permit has been renewed.

How to Apply

Please register an application for renewal of residence permit at least three months before your current residence permit expires: You can apply online for renewal here 

  • If you have received an F code by sms or e-mail you can fast-track the renewal of your residence permit. If you have questions about F code please contact UDI for further details.
  • OsloMet's organisation number: 997 058 925
  • E-mail address:

At the same time as you renew your residence permit, you book an appointment with the police to submit the following supporting documents:

  1. Copy of valid passport
  2. A progress report on your studies from OsloMet: Order a progress report (recommendation letter) here
     This report includes a statement from the educational institution about whether part-time work will delay your study progress and, if relevant; how many hours per week the institution feels that you can work without your studies being affected. The progress report will be written when all exams for the semester is registered in our database. You will receive an e-mail when it is ready to be collected.
  3. Documentation that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for the whole period covered by the permit, if granted.

Delayed in your studies

For students who are delayed in their studies and need to apply for an extension of their residence permit, the progression report will be written when all the exams for the semester are registered: June/July (if your permit expires in August) or January (if your permit expires in February)

You must also contact your faculty/department  in order to apply for extension of your study right.


If you are planning on doing fieldwork in your home country as part of your studies:

  • You have to apply for the renewal well in advance in order to receive the renewal before you leave Norway.
  • The duration of the fieldwork must be stated in the application
  • The immigration authorities do not grant a permit for the period of the fieldwork if it is more than six months. In that case, your permit will be valid until departure and you will need to submit a new application from abroad before returning to Norway to complete your studies.