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Connect to Remote Desktop

Connect to Remote Desktop

How to connect to the server «Zevs» via Remote Desktop on Windows and macOS. Only for Master’s Degree Students.

The Zevs server is undergoing maintenance and updates for 5-10 minutes between 21:00 and 22:00 on Wednesdays after the second Tuesday of the month. 

  • Windows – Connecting to Remote Desktop with PC 

    Master’s students have access to the Zevs server. Here you will be able to use IBM SPSS Data Analysis Software. 

    Beware that use of Remote Desktop requires two-factor authentication. Please setup before you continue. 

    Connecting to Remote Desktop on PC (Windows) 

    1. Go to https://kontor.oslomet.no/.

    Log in with OsloMet-username@oslomet.no (example: abcde@oslomet.no or s123456@oslomet.no) and your OsloMet password. Click Sign in. 

    2. Remote App and Desktops 

    After logging in, you will find applications and servers available to you. The Zevs server offers a remote desktop solution. 

    Click on Zevs. 

    3. Access to Remote Desktop Connection 

    • Click OK

    • Continuation: Remote Desktop Connection - Click on Connect  

    4. Windows Security (applies only for Firefox) 

    A window named Windows Security will show up when using Firefox, asking for you to log in. 

    1. Choose: Use another account. 
    2. Username: (Example) abcde@oslomet.no or s123456@oslomet.no
    3. Password: OsloMet password. 
    4. Click OK.  

    5. Complete desktop solution via Remote Desktop 

    Remote desktop is an office solution with a complete desktop environment with all your folders and files. 

    Du har nå tilgang til ditt hjemme- og fellesområde og tilgjengelige programmer. Ikke aktuelt lenger? Kan altså fjernes fra den norske siden. 

    Open the Windows Start Menu. Then, click on the Windows-icon on the bottom left. 

    6. Windows Start Menu 

    The Start Menu gives access to different tools and programs (see screenshot below). 

    7. How to quit / log out of remote desktop 

    To quit your session with remote desktop you can click on your name profile to be shown the menu in order to log out.  Click on Sign out.  

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

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Easter 2024 - Opening times for IT Service Desk at P46, Kjeller and P48. Monday 25.03 and Tuesday 26.03: 09.00-15.00. Wednesday 27.03: 08:00-12:00