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Remote access

Remote access

To gain access to resources only available through the OsloMet network from your personal computer you must connect to VPN. VPN offers you the same access as when using an OsloMet PC on campus.

VPN access

You´ll need VPN for remote access to internal software and resources only available through the OsloMet network. VPN through our software eduVPN will grant you this access. See ansatt.oslomet.no for how-to´s.

Set up VPN using the address student-vpn.oslomet.no (not ansatt-vpn.oslomet.no).

Note!  VPN connection is not necessary when at campus.

  • What is VPN?

    As a student you´ll need a VPN connection to access internal resources, e.g. software that´s only available at campus. VPN will give you the same access as if you were at campus.

    A short description about VPN and the benefits in privacy and security using a VPN connection.

  • Security

    Please install all available updates for software, apps and clients as soon as possible too prevent exploitations of security holes and vulnerabilities.

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Phone :
(+47) 67235555
E-mail :
Place/Address :
P48 (Ground floor)
Time/Opening Hours :
Weekdays 08-18:30 (Friday March 31st until 15:00)
Campus Kjeller:
Weekdays 09-16:00 (Fridays until 15:00)

Thursday, June 1: IT Service Desk closes at 3 p.m.