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Registration with the police for EU/EEA Citizens

Registration with the police for EU/EEA Citizens

International students from EU/EEA countries, staying in Norway for more than 3 months must register with the police. Nordic students are exempt from this requirement.

Please follow the information given by the police if they differ from what we have described. OsloMet will contact you by e-mail if we receive further information about available appointments from the police.

  • How to register

    Please register online on the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) website ( You may do this before you depart for Norway, or upon arrival. Select the option 'Want to apply'. It is free to register for EU/EEA citizens.

    Relevant information:

    Pilestredet campus is in Oslo municipality, Kjeller is in Lillestrøm.

  • Required documents

    Make sure that you have the required documents listed om the Norwegian Directorate of Immigrations (UDI) website

    We recommend that you bring copies with you from home. 

    Make sure that the documents are valid for your complete stay, and that they are legible. If the copies are not legible or valid for the entire duration of your stay, the police will reject your application.

  • Where do I hand in the documents?

    You will need to show up physically to hand in your documents. Where you are supposed to hand them in, depends on where you live. Book an appointment through the application portal ( If you live in Oslo, you book an appointment with the Service Center for Foreign Workers. If you live at Åråsen/Kjeller/Lillestrøm, you book an appointment with the Nedre Romerike Police Foreign Section. The documents should be handed in to the relevant authorities. Please follow the instructions from the police if the procedure changes.

    If there are no available appointments, book the next available appointment. We recommend that you check the portal regularly to see if there are new appointments available.

  • After the registration is complete

    The police issue a Registration Certificate once you have registered. The police will send you the Registration Certificate by post once it is has been processed. Make sure you registered the correct address. If the certificate is sent to OsloMet, we will notify you.