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Reading lists

Reading lists

Here you will find information on how to find your reading lists.
  • Where do I find my reading lists?

    Your reading lists are available through your courses in Canvas.

    You can also find your reading lists by logging into and accessing your courses from there.

  • I can't find my reading list

    If your reading lists are unavailable through your course in Canvas, you can try looking up your course code in the Leganto reading list system (

    If you still can’t find the reading list, it is not yet published. Please contact your teacher.

  • How do I access full text in my reading list?

    Log in to Canvas and go to the correct course to access full text sources in the reading lists.

  • What are my course codes and where can I find them?

    Course codes are the unique codes of the respective courses you are registered on. You can find your courses by logging into My Student page at There you will find the course codes in the semester overview.

  • How can I view reading lists when I’m not a student or employee of OsloMet?

    The reading lists can be found via program/course plans at, or by searching for the course code in the Leganto reading list system (

    Please note that only students and employees can access full-text resources or digitized material in the reading lists.