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Useful tools and advice for student associations.

Borrowing premises and rooms

Your association can apply to borrow premises from OsloMet if you are a registered student association at OsloMet and meet the applicable criteria and comply with the rules for borrowing premises.

E-mail your application to the Course and Conference Centre and include the following information

  • time and date
  • type of room and location
  • number of participants
  • IT and AV equipment required
  • contact person.

Financial support

Registered student associations can apply for funding from the Student Welfare Council's Board of Cultural Affairs.

SiO Associations can help your association to find other potential sources of funding to which you can apply.



You have to apply to put up stands on OsloMet premises.


There are many notice boards scattered around all the campuses. You have to ask permission to put up posters on the notice boards at information centres or service centres. Posters that are not dated and stamped with OsloMet's logo will be removed.

Events calendar

You can have your events included in OsloMet's online events calendar. Send an e-mail to and include the following information:

  • Title
  • Description of the event
  • Who the event is intended for (which study programme(s))
  • Date
  • Time (start and end)
  • Place

Social media

OsloMet can help to market your association or events through OsloMet's own social media channels. Contact for help. He can also help your association with your own social media channels.

Do you want to publish a contribution from your association via one of the following channels?



  • Proposed text – no more than 250 characters
  • Link to information about the event/association (for example from
  • A big horizontal picture, which should preferably show people and contain no text
  • Information about the target group (who do you want to read the text)



  • Picture
  • Proposed text – no more than 250 characters and five hashtags



  • Proposed tweet – no more than 100 characters to leave room for URLs and re-tweets
  • Link to the destination page (event page or similar)


If you want to use OsloMet's Snapchat account (@oslomet) in connection with events, please contact well in advance of the event.

Web page or blog

Your association can use the platform free of charge to make an association web page or blog. Please contact for more information.

Other help available to student associations

SiO Associations can help your association with

  • formal requirements, financial matters and the general running of a student association
  • potential sources of financial support
  • courses and activities related to student associations
  • knowledge and tips
  • facts and information about the student environment

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