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Making the Master thesis available in ODA

Making the Master thesis available in ODA

By publishing the Master thesis in ODA it will be available when searching Google Scholar and other search engines on the internet. The Master thesis will also be found when searching in Oria.

Why make your Master thesis available in ODA

As a researcher or a student, you depend upon access to other scientist’s research such as master thesis, articles and other research output. The availability of content is made possible by solidarity in the research community and that each researcher makes the decision to grant access to their publications. OsloMet encourages students and staff to deposit their work in Open repositories like ODA.

OsloMet would like to publish all our students master thesis. The only requirement is that the candidate has successfully completed the examination. ODA has no layout requirements, but the thesis must be sent to the University Library as a PDF-file.

Exemption from publication in ODA should only be made when there is information in the thesis that is subject to confidentiality or that refers to confidential company information. We would still like to receive these thesis, but we would add an embargo period which in some cases would be indefinitely. When submitting the thesis, we would like you to provide us with a date when the embargo may be lifted. If you have questions regarding publishing your thesis on ODA please send an email to:

How to get your thesis published in ODA

How to submit your thesis

Electronic submission: OsloMet uses Inspera as a submission portal for the master thesis and home examinations. To have your thesis made available in ODA it is sufficient that you approve in Inspera. The student administration will then when the examination process has been completed and the closing date for submission of complaints has passed send all thesis that have successfully completed to the University Library.

Delayed submission: Email a PDF version of your thesis and a signed license agreement to us.  The thesis may be emailed to, or you can visit the library and provide us with a memory stick or similar.

The license agreement must be signed and returned to the University Library.

Norwegian license agreement (PDF)

English license agreement (PDF)

You may send the agreement:

  • by post
  • email, the thesis must be sent as a PDF-attachment

Please make sure that the University Library receives a signed copy of the license agreement.

The license agreement may be sent to:

OsloMet – storbyuniversitetet
Universitetsbiblioteket v/Emma Kristine Sjøenden Vestli
Postboks 4 St. Olavs plass, 0130 OSLO
Email address:

If you have further questions, please send an email to