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Overview of Pullprint-printers – multifunction printers (MFP) at both campuses.


About the Multifunction printer (MFP)

A multifunction printer (MFP) is with options for copy, print and scan.

  • A MFP offers paper size A3 and A4 in colour or black & white.
  • Default: Black & White (B&W).
  • Mounted reader for reading (authentication) of access cards.

Printers at campus Pilestredet

Overview of Pullprint - multifunction printers (MFP) at campus Pilestredet.

Pilestredet 52 (P52)

  • At the reception, ground floor
  • A117
  • A439
  • B432
  • F232
  • F322

Pilestredet 50 (P50) / The Student house

  • At the reception ground floor, G117
  • G311 by the elevator
  • L134
  • L435

Pilestredet 48 (48)

  • 3rd floor, at the reception
  • P570, in the hallway
  • R106, on the left side
  • R106, on the right side

Pilestredet 44 (P44)

  • Ground floor, in the hallway
  • Ground floor, by the soda machine

Pilestredet 40 (P40)

  • First floor,  T242

Pilestredet 35 (P35)

  • P35, Learning centre and library
  • PH375, Learning centre and library
  • PH451
  • PH5
  • PH610
  • PH810
  • PI318, Learning centre and library
  • PI418, in the hallway

Pilestredet 32 (P32)

  • 4th floor, by the IT support at Learning centre and library
  • 4th floor, by the entrance at Learning centre and library

Pilestredet park 33 (PP33)

  • U1-054

Pilestredet park 35 (PP35)

  • U1, by the study hall

Falbesgate 5 (FG5)

  • FG127, ground floor, in the hallway

Falbesgate 18 (FG18)

  • FG18, in the hallway

 Stensberggata 26 (SG26)

  • X100, in the hallway
  • X700

 Stensberggata 29 (SG29)

  • In the basement

Printers at campus Kjeller

Overview of Pullprint - multifunction printers (MFP) at campus Kjeller.


  • KA314
  • KA323
  • KF210, in the hallway (6 printers)
  • KF301, Learning centre and library (2 printers)


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