Metadata for masteroppgave ved LUI - Student

Metadata for master’s thesis (Faculty of Education and International Studies)

Metadata for master’s thesis (Faculty of Education and International Studies)

Below is a list of the information about metadata you must provide by the deadline for submitting the master’s thesis.

1. Title of the thesis (exactly as written in the thesis, with subtitle if relevant).

Remember also to register the title of the thesis in Studentweb. Theses consisting of several articles must have one main title.

2. Name of author (last name, first name).

3. Name of supervisor (last name, first name).

If you have had a co-supervisor, state the names of both the main supervisor and the co-supervisor.

4. Year of submission

5. Abstract

Approx. 300 words. A copy of the abstract in the thesis, if applicable.

6. Keywords.

Keywords relating to the topic of the thesis. Use uppercase first letters and separate the words with commas ‘,’.

7. Restrictions on access.

If there are restrictions on access to the thesis, you must submit a restricted access form with the thesis. Theses with restricted access subject to a statutory duty of secrecy (Section 13 of the Public Administration Act) shall not be published in ODA. Access may be restricted on other grounds for a maximum of five years. Other grounds include the publication of an article.

Select one option

  • No
  • Yes, on grounds of a statutory duty of secrecy
  • Yes, on other grounds for 1 year (embargo period 1 year)
  • Yes, on other grounds for 2 years (embargo period 2 years)
  • Yes, on other grounds for 3 years (embargo period 3 years)
  • Yes, on other grounds for 4 years (embargo period 4 years)
  • Yes, on other grounds for 5 years (embargo period 5 years)

8. Licence agreement.

By accepting this agreement, you, as the author, consent to the Learning Centre and Library (LSB) at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University (formerly Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences) making the submitted document available free of charge in an institutional archive.

  • This agreement does not prevent the author from publishing an identical or revised version of the document elsewhere, in paper or electronic format.
  • The author must submit the document in a machine-readable format as specified by OsloMet.
  • The author guarantees that he/she has copyright to the work or that he/she has the copyright holders’ permission to publish the text online.
  • OsloMet is not authorised to exploit the document commercially.
  • The work can be used, i.e. referred to, linked to, quoted from, printed and downloaded, within the framework that follows from Act No 2 of 12 May 1961 relating to Copyright in Literary, Scientific and Artistic Works etc. (the Copyright Act), with subsequent amendments.

The author must apply to LSB in writing to terminate the agreement.

Please note that, in principle, master’s theses are publicly available. If access to the thesis is not restricted or the embargo period has expired, access can be granted to master’s theses in the University’s ordinary archive (currently Public 360), even if the thesis is not published in ODA.

Select one option

  • YES, I accept the agreement and want my master’s thesis to be publicly available (if access to the thesis is restricted for a certain period on other grounds, it will be made available when the embargo period expires).
  • NO, I do not want my master’s thesis to be publicly available (if access to the thesis is restricted on grounds of a duty of secrecy, you must select this option).

9. Semester address.

Correct contact information is required in order for you to receive final documentation.

By continuing, I confirm that the semester address and phone number registered in Studentweb are correct.