Kjøreregler for digital undervisning ved Fakultet LUI - Student

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Ground rules for digital teaching at the Faculty of Education and International Studies (LUI)

Er du student på Fakultet for lærerutdanning og internasjonale studier? Dette er kjørereglene for digital undervisning ved fakultetet.
  • Please ensure that your real name is displayed in the communication systems that are used. Do not use aliases.
  • As a main rule: Keep the camera on. Remember that you can choose a neutral background on Zoom/Teams.
    • In smaller groups, it is important that the participants can see and interact with each other.
    • In larger groups, it is an advantage for the teacher to see as many of the participants as possible. 
    • If you find it challenging to keep the camera on, contact your teacher in advance.
    • The camera should always be switched on in connection with digital teaching sessions or digital meetings that replace or are included in coursework requirements or compulsory activities in the programme.
  •  Take active part in group work and any discussions that arise during the session.
  • It is a good idea to use the thumbs up or give fellow students and teachers other positive feedback on their contributions to show them that you are there and listening.
  • Mute the microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Position yourself so that the screen shows only you.
  • Privacy/duty of secrecy:
    • You are not allowed to film each other or take screenshots without permission.
    • You are not allowed to share information about fellow students/teachers’ home arena/personal life with others.

The ground rules apply to teaching sessions that are not recorded. When the session is recorded, point 1 concerning your name and point 2 about the camera will not apply.

See also: OsloMet's Privacy policy for live streaming and recording digital teaching sessions (for students).