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Use of OsloMet’s IT systems and computer networks

Use of OsloMet’s IT systems and computer networks

Students and staff receive usernames and passwords in our systems. When you are logged on to the systems, you represent OsloMet. Everything you do on the Internet leaves traces that link your activity to the university.

Rules that apply at OsloMet 

The IT systems of OsloMet will mainly be used for studies, teaching, research, administration or organizational work in associations that are relevant in relation to studies or work.  

The IT systems shall not be used in a way that generates expenses for the university, unless it is explicitly agreed upon in writing in advance. 

You should always read your e-mail to get important messages. Students are expected to stay informed about what is announced in Studentweb and Canvas. 

  • Username and password 

    You can administrate your IT account and password at

    If others gain access to your password, they can read, copy and change all information that you have access to, and weaken the security of OsloMet’s network. Good passwords are those that are easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess. 

    Rules that apply at OsloMet 

    • Never give your password to anyone and never log in to OsloMet’s systems with other people’s passwords.  

    • If anyone knows your password, it should be changed.  

    • Create unique passwords for your OsloMet account -  read more about secure passwords at

    Advice and tips 

    • OsloMet uses two-factor authentication to protect your account.

    • If you write your password down on paper, the paper must be stored in a safe place, which is secure.  

  • Connection with private equipment from OsloMet’s premises 

    Students, guests and employees can connect to OsloMet’s Eduroam network with private equipment. 

    At all colleges and universities that participate in the Eduroam collaboration, students, researchers and employees can log on to the wireless network with their usual username and password. External/visitors who need access to wireless network is often course participants, lecturers or external companies who will demonstrate a product etc. 

    Visitors can get a guest account by having employees at OsloMet book for them. 

    Rules that apply at OsloMet 

    • Connecting to the network: As a rule, you should connect to the wireless network – Eduroam. In classrooms, network cables are available that can be used to connect private equipment. In other rooms it is not allowed to connect private equipment on wired networks. If it is necessary to connect with cables in special situations, when arranging conferences etc., contact  

    • Installations on the network: It is not permitted, on your own initiative, to set up your own installations in the network (e.g., to set up your own servers or wireless base station). The IT department is notified in the event of abnormal use of the network. If you need additional services in the network, send a request to  

    • Requirements for private equipment: Private equipment must be up to date with the latest security updates and have updated antivirus software. Laptops must have firewall activated. File sharing programs such as BitTorrent must be rejected, dispensation can be granted upon request to For phones and tables, a firewall and antivirus are not required, as there are currently no good products for this. However, these should be kept up to date with the latest security updates.  

    • IP address: Use the IP address that is automatically assigned by OsloMet. Use the default settings and do not set a fixed IP address. 

  • Remote access to OsloMet’s systems 

    When you are not in OsloMet’s premises, you can access some of OsloMet’s systems through remote access. Since machines and networks are available everywhere all the time, we are used to being able to do anything anywhere. 

    When you have access to OsloMet’s systems, there are some restrictions that apply. 

    Random machines in internet cafes or hotels shall not be used to log in to OsloMet’s systems. This is because you do not know anything about how these machines are secured or what is stored or logged on them. Therefore, you do not know what information is left behind after you leave. For example, there may be information that can be used to steal your identity. 

    Rules that apply at OsloMet 

    • Remote access to OsloMet’s systems shall only take place through security solutions offered by IT.  

    • Remote access should only be created from trusted machines (equipment that OsloMet owns or personal equipment that only you have at your disposal and control over). You should not connect from random machines in Internet cafes, hotel lobbies etc.  

    • Do not leave the machine unlocked when you are logged in and make sure to log out when are you not active.  

    • OsloMet-owned equipment must not be used by others, such as family members.  

    • Central administrative systems shall only be used from OsloMet-owned equipment and in accordance with separate guidelines for the use of the systems.  

    • Avoid other people in the environment from viewing the screen. 

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Phone :
(+47) 67235555
E-mail :
Place/Address :
P48, 1st floor is closed: Temporary location in room P372 on the 3rd floor, P48
Time/Opening Hours :
Weekdays 08-18:30 (Fridays until 17:00)
Weekdays 09-16:00 (Fridays until 15:00)

Easter 2024 - Opening times for IT Service Desk at P46, Kjeller and P48. Monday 25.03 and Tuesday 26.03: 09.00-15.00. Wednesday 27.03: 08:00-12:00