Information for exchange PhD. Candidates - Student

Information for exchange PhD. Candidates

Information for exchange PhD. Candidates

If you are from the EU/EEA

Please follow the same instructions that apply to other exchange students.

If you are from outside the EU/EEA

If you are here for more than 90 days you will have to apply for a permit called "Researcher with own funds".

The website has all the information you need. After entering your country of nationality, you can find this under "Work Immigration"; "Vocational training and research", "researcher with own funds". In some cases, you might need to apply for a visa as well as a residence permit.

Letter of invitation

One of the documents required is a letter of invitation which is to be provided by OsloMet and signed by the head of the department that you will be visiting. You can find a template here (LINK).

Proof of finances

You must demonstrate that you have enough money to live whilst in Norway. The amount is designated by UDI each year. The required amount to deposit can be found under "requirements relating to renewal" (  
You will need to show documentation which confirms that you have enough money to live in Norway.

If you are receiving a grant from Norway, this can be included in your invitation letter. Ask your contact at your department about this.


If you are coming from one of our partner institutions during regular semester dates, you may apply for housing through SiO. We cannot guarantee that you will receive an offer, so we recommend looking into alternatives. See our page on housing for international students for more information.

If you are not coming from a partner institution, you will have to arrange accommodation on your own. Contact your department for assistance.