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Health Services

Health Services

SiO Health Services offer a unique and complete health service for students who have paid the semester fee. You may also get a GP at SiO Health Services.

How to contact a doctor and register for a general practitioner

Everyone who is registered in the National Registry as a resident in Norway, will be assigned a General Practitioner (GP). You contact your GP when you need a health check or a consultation. If needed, the GP will refer you to a specialist or a hospital for further treatment. When choosing a GP, we recommend that you use SiO Health Services. For more info on how to register for a GP and where to book an appointment, see SiOs webpage.

Public health nurse

In cooperation with SiO, OsloMet now also offer students public health nurse at campus Pilestredet. More information regarding service and appointment.

What does SiO Health Services have to offer?

General practitioner (GP), dentist, psychiatrist and psychologist, counselling, public health nurse, vaccination and physiotherapy, just to mention a few of the services they can offer you as a student.

Go to SiO Health Services' website for information about all services.

Kontakt oss

Kontakt oss

SiO helse, sentrum

Phone :
22 85 30 99
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Holbergsgate 21, ved siden av SiO Athletica
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