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Guides for macOS, iPad and iPhone

Guides for Mac and iOS for iPad and iPhone applied for OsloMet use.


1. Guides for Mac and iOS at OsloMet

2. Guides from

1. Guides for macOS and iOS at OsloMet

E-mail setup

You can setup your e-mail with IMAP settings and retrieve your e-mails on any email client.

Wireless network / Wi-Fi eduroam

Wireless network eduroam for macOS, iPad and iPhone.

  • Login ID: s+student, e.g.
  • Password: OsloMet password.

If you have trouble connecting wireless network/Wi-Fi eduroam at OsloMet, delete the eduroam profile on macOS.

Printing at OsloMet

Print from mobile devices.

Printer setup on private macOS.

Remote access

VPN connection for macOS.

Connect to file server for macOS.

VPN connection for iOS for iPad/iPhone.

Software update

Install additional software on a OsloMet Mac - Note! Only for Mac computers hosted by OsloMet.

Update your OsloMet password on Mac

When you change to a new password on OsloMet, you must also change to the new password in your Keychain (search for keychain in Spotlight).

Update your OsloMet password on Mac.

2. Guides from





MacBook Air

Software update

For advanced users

Fix everything from hard drives, memory disks to battery by using these step-by-step tutorials for macOS, iPad and iPhone: Do-it-yourself repair (

Apple Support

If all fails, go to product and technical information – contact Apple or customer support at Apple (

IT Support (BIT) at OsloMet can only help with Apple products operated by OsloMet.

Free service for Apple products

Note that if you've recently purchased an Apple product, AppleCare Protection Plan is valid from the date of purchase with free telephone support for 90 days and one year limited warranty. More about AppleCare Protection Plan.

Any Apple tip?

Send an e-mail to IT User Support (BIT) if you got a tip about Apple products to add to this webpage guide.

Contact IT Support (BIT)