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General academic recognition of education

General academic recognition of education

You can apply for general recognition of your education through The Norwegian Directorate for higher education and skills ( General recognition indicates the number of Norwegian credits (ECTS credits) granted, and whether the foreign degree/education is equivalent in extent and level to a Norwegian degree/education, e.g. a Norwegian Bachelor or Master Degree, but without stating specifically which Bachelor or Master Degree.

A general recognition requires that the foreign qualifications were awarded by a higher education institution which is officially recognised/accredited in the country of origin. The education must extend beyond the Norwegian higher education entrance qualifications ("generell studiekompetanse").

Normally, it does not require such extensive documentation in order to assess (evaluate) foreign higher education in relation to general recognition as OsloMet requires in relation to specific academic recognition (see the OsloMet's requirements). If you cannot present the necessary documentation for an assessment in relation to specific recognition at OsloMet, but still possess your degree certificate/diploma and transcript of academic records (index/mark sheet/relevé de notes), you may apply to for a general recognition.

In many cases, a general recognition granted together with your foreign higher education documents (diploma and transcript of records), will be sufficient for seeking employment or applying for admission to certain Norwegian higher level university/university college studies (e.g. continuing education, Master degree programmes).