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Forms of examination

Forms of examination

The form of the examination depends on which course you are taking. OsloMet uses both written examinations with invigilation and home examinations.

OsloMet still uses the traditional written examinations with pen and paper, however, more and more examinations will now become digital. At the moment, OsloMet uses two digital examination systems; Canvas and Inspera. You will find more information on digital examinations under the headings below.

  • Written examinations with invigilation. Examinations that are arranged on the university‘s examination premises.
  • Home examinations at OsloMet. Home examinations are also called written examination without invigilation.
  • Oral and practical exams at OsloMet. Oral and practical exams are arranges by your faculty. Information about these exam forms are given in lectures. If you have any questions about oral and practical exams, please contact your faculty.

If you need help with any of the following, please contact your faculty:

  • Registration for and withdrawal from an exam
  • Oral and practical exams
  • Illness during an exam
  • Exam results
  • Explanation for and appeal against the determination of a grade
  • Diploma and transcript of records
  • Special arrangements of the daily routines of student life
  • Help with submission of exams in Inspera
  • Contact your faculty

The Examination office can help you with the following: