Diploma - Student



A diploma is issued to students who have completed and passed a study programme leading to a degree, a vocational education or the 1-year programme in Educational Theory and Practice.

A diploma consists of two parts – the original diploma and Diploma Supplement. OsloMet will issue digitally signed diplomas and Diploma Supplements.

A diploma is automatically issued to students who have completed and passed a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, a vocational education or the 1-year Programme in Educational Theory and Practice. Graduates can access their digital diplomas in the Diploma Registry and Studentweb.
Your digital diploma is available for you at any time.

What is a digital diploma?

A digital diploma is a diploma in PDF verified with a certificate-based signature. This signature is valid as long as you do not try to modify the digital document. Read more about digitally signed documents on the Diploma Registry (vitnemalsportalen.no).

When can I expect to receive my diploma?

The diploma is issued once the last examination result is announced and published in Studentweb. You will be notified by email when your diploma is ready.

  • If you are completing your degree in the spring term, you shall receive the diploma by 1 July.

How can I receive my diploma?

When your digital diploma is issued, you will be notified at your email address registered in Studentweb.

Your digital diploma will be available for you in the Diploma Registry and Studentweb. Students who lack the national ID-number will be sent printed diplomas to their semester address registered in Studentweb. This rule will apply until the Diploma Registry has implemented a login policy for the persons without Norwegian national identity number.

Please, make sure that you have registered you correct postal address in Studentweb!

Those students who has earlier received their diplomas in printed versions will not be able to receive a digital diploma in addition to or instead of it.

Do you need a printed version of your digital diploma?

Your digital diploma is an original document. It is issued in compliance with the current international standard and is normally accepted by all.

However, there may be institutions abroad, which do not accept the digitally signed documents. In this case, you can apply for a printed duplicate.

You can send your written application digitally (nettskjema.no).

Expected processing time is approximately three weeks. If you need your printed version at hand by 1 July, you must send a written application no later than 9 June.

We will send your printed version to your semester address registered in Studentweb. Please, make sure you have registered your correct postal address before you apply. You can access Studentweb even after you have completed your studies at OsloMet.

Delayed progress of study?

If you are delayed, you must order a diploma/transcript of records by sending an e-mail to your faculty. Please remember to state

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Study programme
  • When you began your studies
  • Telephone number/mobile number
  • Correct postal address.

If you have obtained a composed bachelor’s degree, (reference is made to § 2-4 in the current Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations), you must document the composed degree in an application to your faculty in order to get a diploma. The application should be sent by e-mail to your faculty.

Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is an international supplement that is issued together with the original diploma. The Diploma Supplement shall provide a supplementary description in English of your qualifications and the Norwegian higher education system. The intention is to secure a fair academic and professional recognition of qualifications across frontiers. Please note that the Diploma Supplement is only valid together with the original diploma.

Your digital Diploma Supplement is issued free of charge. You can access it in the Diploma Registry and Studentweb.

If you apply for a printed duplicate of your digital diploma, the Diploma Supplement will also be sent to you in a printed version.

Have you lost your printed diploma?

Issued digital diplomas can be accessed in Studentweb and the Diploma Registry. The diploma is normally issued only once. However, if you have lost your original printed diploma, you may apply for a copy. Duplicate diplomas are only issued if permanent loss of diplomas can be documented. Accepted documentation is confirmation from the police regarding burglary, as well as documentation from the insurance company in case of fire or damage from a water leak.

A written application must be sent to OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University by mail or e-mail to the faculty where the degree was completed. Documentation of the loss must be included in the application together with

  • Full name
  • National ID number
  • Correct postal address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Reference to the relevant study programme
  • When you began and when you completed your education.

Expected processing time is approximately three weeks