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Authorisation - approval of education

Authorisation - approval of education

Some professions require authorisation ("recognition") from a government agency to exercise the profession in Norway.

Foreign health care education

If you want to apply for authorisation on the basis of a foreign health care education, please contact the The Norwegian Directorate of Health (Helsedirektoratet) .

Foreign teacher or pre-school teacher education

If you have a foreign teacher education and aim at a position in Norwegian primary, lower secondary or upper secondary school, you should apply to the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training ( for an assessment and recognition of your professional qualifications. This also applies to persons with foreign pre-school teacher education who seek positions as supervisors or educational supervisors in Norwegian pre-school/kindergarten.

Foreign accountant or auditor education

If you want to apply for authorisation as authorised external accountant, registered auditor or state authorised auditor, please contact the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet).