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Absence, illness and withdrawal

Absence, illness and withdrawal

What happens if you get ill, are absent or withdraw from an examination?
  • OsloMet accept self-certification of absence as documentation for absence from or illness during an examination until October 1 2021 if related to the coronavirus.

Absence from an examination

If you do not present yourself for the examination within the appointed deadline, you will be registered as not attended and have then used one examination attempt. This also applies if you do not submit an answer paper (home examination, portfolio examination etc.) within the appointed deadline.

Illness during an examination

  • You must submit a medical certificate if illness prevents you from taking an examination or submitting an answer paper within the appointed deadline.
  • The medical certificate must include the day of examination/submission.
  • If you are not able to submit the medical certificate on the day of the examination, the medical certificate must be submitted or postmarked no later than one week after the examination date.
  • If the university has not received the medical certificate one week after the day of examination/submission, you will be registered with one examination attempt.
  •  The medical certificate should be sent to your faculty.
  • If you are entitled to a new or postponed examination, remember to register for this within the deadline!

Illness during a written examination with invigilation

If you become ill during a written examination with invigilation, you must decide whether you want to withdraw from the examination or submit an empty answer paper

  • If you choose to withdraw from the examination, the answer paper (if any) will not be sent to the examiners. If you submit a medical certificate subsequent to the examination, you will be granted legitimate absence. If you do not submit a medical certificate, you will be registered with one examination attempt.
  • If you choose to submit an empty answer paper, you will not be able to submit a medical certificate afterwards to be granted legitimate absence. You will be registered with one examination attempt.

Withdrawal from an examination

If you submit an empty answer paper (a text with no purpose to answer the examination questions) or choose to withdraw without submitting an answer paper, your paper will be regarded as a withdrawal. You will then have used one examination attempt and may not take a new examination.

The Examination Office in Pilestredet

The Examination Office in Pilestredet

Eksamenskontoret svarer på praktiske spørsmål om gjennomføring av skoleeksamen i Silurveien, tilrettelegging av eksamen og spørsmål knyttet til brukerstøtte vedrørende innlevering av eksamen i Inspera.

The Examination Office in Pilestredet

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+47 67 23 50 10
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OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Section for Admissions and Assessment . Postboks 4, St. Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo
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The exam office is available on e-mail 9:00-15:00 and phone 12:00-15:00