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Submission of Master's thesis

The exam must be delivered digitally in inspera, and as 3 paper copies, within the deadline.


The exam must be delivered digitally in Inspera, and as 3 paper copes, within the deadline.

The digital version of the thesis must be delivered as a single PDF file, including the following

  •     Front page
  •     Table of contents
  •     list of references
  •     and any other attachments you may have.

You may upload new versions as often as you like until the deadline of the exam.

File name

The PDF file delivered on inspera must be named as follows:

  •     Surname_Firstname_studentnumber_COURSECODE

As an example, we have a student named Jane Smith and student number s281188 who will deliver the master's thesis in Product MAPD5900. She should then save the file under the following name:

  •     Smith_Jane_s281188_MAPD5900

About metadata and licensing

When you submit the thesis in inspera, you will first have to answer a few questions about title tags, enter a brief summary (about half a page or about 300 words), as well as answer questions about placing restrictions and licensing.

We strongly recommend that you tick “yes” to publishing the thesis to ODA so other and future students, and others, learn from your work. The department of product design will not lend out any delivered copies.

An example of the metadata form can be found here:

We strongly recommend that you tick "yes" to publish the thesis to be available for other and future students, so they can learn from your work via ODA. The Department of Product Design will not have any paper copies available for other students.

Thesis title

All theses must have a main title. If you have written the thesis in Norwegian, and thus given it a Norwegian title, we urge you to also find a suitable title in English, as the title will be published on your English Diploma.




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