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Health Insurance for Non EU/EEA Students

All students from countries outside the EU/EEA should have private or public health insurance from their home country covering their first few weeks in Norway. After these first weeks the type of insurance needed depends on how long you're staying:

Staying less than 3 months

Students staying less than 3 months must have health insurance from their home country covering their entire stay in Norway.

Staying in Norway between 3 and 12 months

You can apply for voluntary membership in the National Insurance Scheme (nav.no).

  • Fill in the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (PDF) entitling you to social security coverage with regard to health services.

  • Enclose a copy of your OsloMet admission letter, passport, and a copy of your residence permit.

  • Send the form and the additional documents to the closest NAV Office (you must enter your four digit postcode).

  • You must have public or private social security coverage from your home country if you do not apply as described above.

Staying in Norway for more than 1 year