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Submitting answer papers in Fronter

How to submit answer papers and written assignments in Fronter.

Please note: This information is only applicable for students affiliated with the Faculty of Education and International Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Technology, Art and Design.

What you need to know about submitting assignments in Fronter:

Time and place of the examination

You will find information about the time and place for the release of the question paper and submission of the answer paper in Studentweb, under My active courses. If you are going to submit your answer paper in Fronter, this will be stated here.

Candidate number

  • Candidate numbers are used to ensure the anonymity of the candidates.
  • Full names on answer papers are only used as an exception, for instance when candidates have received supervision and complete anonymity therefore is not possible.
  • You will find your candidate number in Studentweb, under My active courses.

The Fronter Room and hand-in folders

  •  The Room for your examination will be available in Fronter under Rooms > Display all rooms > My rooms in good time before the examination.
  • The name of the room will normally have the following format: Examination in COURSE CODE_YEAR_SEMESTER. You will find the course code of your examination in Studentweb under My Active courses
  • The hand-in folder will usually be open 10 days in advance of the submission date and will close at the exact time of the deadline for submission.

How to name the file/answer paper

It is important that you name the file/document correctly to ensure that the answer paper is sent to the correct examiner. You will find instructions on how to name your file in the Fronter Room.

The name of the file will usually have the following format candidate number, course code and submission date.

  • Cand000_COURSECODE_ddmmyy

If you do not name your answer paper correctly and use a title of your own choice, the grading of your paper may be delayed.


Attachments shall normally be included at the end of your answer paper, so that you submit one document in Fronter.

If this is not possible (due to different file formats etc.), you must name the main document and the attachments as follows:

  • Cand000_COURSECODE_ddmmyy
  • Cand000_COURSECODE_ddmmyy_attatchment1
  • Cand000_COURSECODE_ddmmyy_attatchment2

In connection with some examination there will be divergent instructions relating to attachments (e.g. due to the use of zip-folders). In such cases you will find information about attachments in the Fronter Room.

How to delete metadata (author information) from documents

To ensure your anonymity, you should delete metadata (author information) from the files your are submitting. Here are guidelines on how you delete metadata from Word and PDF files.

Submitting answer papers in Fronter

In the Fronter Room you will find information about the submission and a link to the hand-in folder.

  • Upload, name (see instructions above) and save your file in the hand-in folder.
  • You will then be able to see that your answer paper is submitted in the hand-in folder.

Submission of group assignments in Fronter

  • It is sufficient that one of the group members submit the answer paper in Fronter.
  • However, it is very important that the name of the file includes all the candidate numbers.
  • When you are uploading your file choose Customise owners and then Group hand-in. You will then see a list of your fellow students who are registered for the examination. Tick the box in front of the other members of your group and save. The group members will then be able to see the answer paper in the hand-in folder.

What happens after the submission deadline?

Only Section for Academic Affairs has access to the examination rooms in Fronter. The examiners do not have access to the rooms. Section for Academic Affairs will forward the answer papers to the examiners. It is therefore very important that you use the correct candidate number when naming your file.

Templates (front page)

If templates are used at your faculty, you will find the templates below or in the Fronter Room.

The Examination Office in Pilestredet

The Examination Office in Pilestredet

Phone :
+47 67 23 50 10
E-mail :
Place/Address :
Pilestredet 46, 1 floor
Postal address :
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Section for Admissions and Assessment . Postboks 4, St. Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo
Time/Opening Hours :
The exam office in P46 and phone are open every day of the week except Wednesday, from 09:00-12:00(Phone to 15:00). Email: Mon - Fri 09:00-15:00.