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Wireless guest network

Wireless guest network

How to connect to the wireless guest network «OsloMet Guest» using a self service portal. The guest account is valid for 12 hours and can be used on up to three mobile devices.
  • You must be on campus to access the self service portal.

Connect to the guest network "OsloMet Guest"

1. Connect to «OsloMet Guest»

On your mobile device:

  • Under Network: Find «OsloMet Guest» from the list of networks / Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your device to «OsloMet Guest».

2. Start a browser and open a webpage

Open the following URL / web address: https://guestportal.uninett.no/

Error page or message

If you get an error page or message, please open a website with an unsecure access (http://), i.e.: http://www.vg.no

Error occurs when you open a secure page, i.e. https: //.

Read more about the error message  here.

See the screenshot below of the self service portal.

Skjermbilde av portalsiden til trådløst gjestenettverk (guesportal.uninett.no) ved HiOA.

3. Login information

  • Name (optional)
  • Company (optional)
  • Mobile: Enter your mobile number - 8 digits (mandatory)
  • Tick: «I accept the terms of use» if you agree to the guidelines for use of the service.
  • End with the "Register"-button.

You will receive a SMS with a password. The price is NOK 2,- per SMS and covers the service.

Already received your password by SMS?

Applies for iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the Web browser:
  • Select the link: «Already registered for Guest Wireless Access today? Click here»
  • Login:
    • Username: Your mobile number (8 digits)
    • Password: Sent by SMS.

See screenshot under step 4.

4. Login

Please enter:

  • Username: Your mobile number (8 digits)
  • Password: Sent by SMS.
  • Click: Login

The account is valid for 12 hours and can be used on up to three -3 - devices.

See the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde av brukernavn og passord ved innlogging til trådløst gjestenettverk ved HiOA.

If any error message

On some clients, e.g. on Mac computers, a message error certificate may occur when you open the browser to a page with secure access, i.e. https://


Open a web page without a secure access, i.e. http, for example: http://www.vg.no.

The self service portal website for registration will then appear.

The following error message may occur, see the screenshot below.

Skjermbilde av feilmelding ved åpning av sikker nettside, https. Forsøk å åpne nettside med kun http.

The service is provided by Uninett.

For any operational problems, contact IT Support: itservicedesk@oslomet.no

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

Do you need IT support?

Contact IT Service Desk

Phone :
6723 5555
E-mail :
Place/Address :
P48 (ground floor), Kjeller (first floor)
Time/Opening Hours :
P48: 08:00 - 18:30 (fridays to 17:00), Kjeller: 08:00 - 15:45 (fridays to 15:00)