Retningslinjer for studenters tilgang til nettverket | Regelverk - Student

Guidelines for students' access to the network

Guidelines for students' access to the network

These guideline describes what you as a student must do to have an IT account and access to IT systems at OsloMet.


Student registration

To get access to OsloMet’s network, a student must:

  • be registered as a student in the student administrative system (FS – Felles studentsystem).
  • be registered as an active student (paid the semester fee and registered on Studentweb).

For more information see the semester start checklist.

No access to the OsloMet network

Please contact the Student Service Centre at your faculty, the Student Service Centre in Pilestredet or the Service Centre at Kjeller for further guidance.

If you have not paid the semester fee within the appointed deadlines, your user account will be locked and your student status will be deactivated. Please contact the Student Service Centre at your faculty if your user account is locked.

For more information see the semester start checklist.

If you have completed or dropped out of a study programme at OsloMet

Blocked account

Your Canvas account will be locked immediately when you have completed your degree or ended your studies.

Email and other user account + student card will be locked 30 days after your faculty has registered you as having you completed a degree or ended your studies.

This date will be approximately the end of July or beginning of August for most bachelor students.


You may change your phone number or address and make reservations against the visibility of your picture in Studentweb.

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that phone numbers and addresses are correct and updated. Go to Studentweb to make an update.

No access to Studentweb

If you have trouble with getting access to Studentweb, you must contact the Student Service Centre at your faculty.


Admission to other education programs and semi-annual and one-year programs at campus Pilestredet, apply via Søknadsweb.

Change visibility of mobile number and/or picture

Please note that if you change the setting for visibility in Studentweb, it will overrule the choices you have made in your User Account (

You may change the visibility settings for your mobile number and/or picture in your IT User Account.


Your password is strictly personal and must not be shared! This also applies to IT Service Desk.

If others get access to you password they may:

  • delete your registration for examinations
  • view your grades
  • read your e-mail
  • change your password and lock you out of all IT services and your e-mail at OsloMet
  • endanger the safety of the OsloMet network

Further information about password and demands to passwords can be found at

Information security and safety instructions at OsloMet

As a student at OsloMet you are obligated to follow the guidelines at the university when processing information related to the program or when using the university's information systems.

Security instructions at OsloMet.

Contact IT Service Desk

Contact IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk

Phone :
(+47) 67235555
E-mail :
Place/Address :
Pilestredet: P48 (ground floor), Kjeller (first floor)
Time/Opening Hours :
Weekdays 08:00-15:45 (Fridays to 15:00)
Pilestredet: P48:
Weekdays 08:00-18:30 (Fridays to 17:00)

IT Service Desk at Campus Kjeller is closed from the 24th of December until January 3rd.