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Student informationVidereutdanning - Critical Reflection on Organization Development and Project Management

Spring 2019


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Semester overview

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Program plan

Semester start spring 2019 - Critical Reflection on and practice of Organizational Change

Welcome to . Below you will find some useful information on studying with OsloMet.

1)    Location
Lectures will be in Pilestredet.

2)     The course plan for Critical Reflection on and practice of Organizational Change is found under schedule on this page.

3)    Schedule

You can fin the schedule for the course at this page or in Canvas. For more information on Canvas see further down.
The course code is VCR6000. Please pay attention to the schedule as the dates are subject to change.

4)    Registration and payment of fees

 All students need to register, and most also have to pay a fee in StudentWeb:

  • Log on to Studentweb using Feide with your username and password
  • Follow the 'Start Registration' link in Studentweb and complete all the steps. For guidance, see Studentweb step by step instructions
  • For most students a confirmation of your individual education plan is part of the registration.
  • Find your payment details in Studentweb: choose “Payment” in the menu, and write down the KID number and account number.
  • Use the payment details to fill out a 'giro' form at your local bank or post office, or pay the fee online using internet banking.

For external students taking this course as further education (EVO, not international students):

If your employer is paying please contact and state the information your employer wants on the giro: Name/company, postal adress and a organizational number.
Note that the giro has to be collected from Studentweb even though you employer is paying the fee.

Semester registration

Deadline for semester registration and payment

  • 1 September in the autumn semester.
  • 1 February in the spring semester.

The deadline is strict. You will lose your student status if you do not register and pay within the deadline. See below for more information on the semester fee. 

Access to IT services at HiOA

To access the IT services at HiOA you must activate your IT user account. Once it is activated, you get access to OsloMets wireless network, Studentweb, e-mail, the e-learning system Fronter, printing, and the possibility to store documents on our server among other things.

To activate your user account:

  1. Wait to receive the email “OsloMet: Activate your IT user account” containing your username and PIN code.
  2. Go to: Manage your IT account.
  3. Choose "Activate your user account"
  4. Log in with the username and PIN code that you received in the email  “OsloMet: Activate your IT user account”.
  5. Read and accept the security message.
  6. Create your own personal password for OsloMet IT services.

Your username and personal password will apply to all IT services at OsloMet.

Need help?

Send questions about your password or pin code to our IT helpdesk, 

Canvas is the new learning platform at OsloMet.

How do I sign in to Canvas?

  • The adress to Canvas at Oslomet is:
  • Use your OsloMet username (e.g. s123456) and your own personal password in the FEIDE service.
  • If you already accessed FEIDE service before you log on to Canvas, you will be sent directly to Canvas without FEIDE request.
  • Have you signed in to Canvas for the first time you will be asked to agree to Terms and Use of Canvas.
  • This is a description of how to sign in to Canvas (pdf).
  • Are you a new student or have you been a student at HiOA before, you have to activate your HiOA-user account. Remember: For technical reasons, it can take up to 24 hours before you can log on to Canvas for the first time.
  • I have forgotten my username or password

Red more about Canvas here.

Semester Card and student ID-card

You will need a semester card and a student ID-card.

What is the semester card?

The semester card proves that you are a student at OsloMet the current semester and that you have paid the semester fee which means you have the right to study at HiOA, to follow lectures and sit for examinations.

What is the student ID-card?

The student ID-card functions as an access card to the buildings on campus and as a library card, so always carry the student ID-card while you are on school grounds.

Your student ID-card is only valid as a student ID outside of OsloMet if you also have your semester card and you need both cards to buy and use travel tickets with a student discount (e.g. at Ruter or NSB).


How do I get my semester card?

You can get your semester card either as

  • an app on your smartphone or
  • as a paper card

You do not automatically receive a paper semester card. If you want one, you will need to order one through Studentweb. It will be sent to you by post and can take up to 7 days to arrive.

Read more about the student ID app

How do I get my student ID-card?

Get your student ID-card at the Card Centre at the beginning of the semester. Please note that you will have to complete the semester registration and pay the semester fee before you contact the Card Centre.

Students at Campus Kjeller or Sandvika will be contacted about the issuing procedures.

To save time

  • Please bring ID when collecting your student card.
  • If you have an old student ID card, please bring it along and we will either reactivate it or issue a new card.

Need help?

If you have questions about either your Student ID-card or your semester card, please contact the Student Service Centre at your Campus.

Wireless network is availible

For students with a disability or illness that makes studying challenging

If you are in need of adaption on the exams the deadline for applying for this is march the 1st. for the spring semester. See this page for more information on the subject.

If you have any questions regaring this particular course or further education please use:

Best regards,
Team EVO


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