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Report it!

Report it!

OsloMet should be a good place to be. We are depending on your feedback to be able to make sure that your everyday life at campus is as good as possible.

At OsloMet there is several contact points where you can report circumstances relating to your learning environment. You may use these contact points if you want to report something, but do not know who to contact or if you have already reported something, but you feel that you have not been heard.

Nothing is too big or too small to report. You may provide us with criticism or praise. All inquiries will be read and answered. Please note, do not send sensitive information via e-mail. Contact us and ask for a meeting. Unfortunately, you are not able to report anonymously, however you may contact the Student Ombudsperson if you want to address something anonymous.

If you want to report anything relating to the air quality, temperature in the reading room, cleaning or lack of a light bulb:

If you want to report anything relating to the learning environment, the class environment, issues with a professor, the service you have experienced or other circumstances affecting your psychosocial learning environment:

Psychosocial Learning Environment

If you have been injured in connection with teaching or during practical training, or would  like to report any possible risk or other circumstances relating to HSE:


If you have any questions relating to your course- or programme evaluations, or the national evaluations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have you experienced unwanted sexual attention or harassment:





If you cannot find the appropriate contact point, please visit our webpage for information.

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