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Services for students with special needs

Do you have a disability or illness that makes studying challenging? You may be entitled to individual adaptation.

Individual adaptation may compensate for the disadvantage the disability brings about. Please contact Services for Students with Special Needs so that we can provide you with information about the different possibilities you have.

Examples of conditions that may entitle you to individual adaptation:

  • Reduced functional ability
  • Psychological challenges
  • Visually impaired or blind
  • Hard of hearing or deaf
  • Learning difficulties

Please contact Services for Students with Special Needs as soon as possible to make an appointment, preferably before you begin your studies. The conversation is confidential and without obligation.

Would you like to get in touch with us regarding an appointment?

Please use the contact form to request an appointment for guidance regarding special needs. 

Special arrangements in connection with examinations

A disability or illness may entitle you to special arrangements  in connection with an examination. Please contact the Examination Office if you have any questions regarding special arrangements.



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