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Permitted aids for written exams in KoG I–III

The students are allowed to use their own copies of the permitted aids. Below is an overview of relevant books that students can bring with them.

The above-mentioned aids may include written or supplementary corrections, updates, specifications or interpretations, i.e. supplementary information provided during the course.

However, aids may not include other written notes or separate materials that have been distributed during the course or is part of the student’s individually selected syllabus. The permitted aids that students bring to the exam will be inspected.

Course group KoG1 Knowledge organisation and information retrieval

BIB1200 Knowledge organisation and information retrieval 1.1

Katalogiseringsregler (third edition) from 2007 or Katalogiseringsregler (second edition) from 1998 in combination with cataloguing rules: 

  • Reviderte regler for Elektroniske ressurser (Chapter 9)
  • Løpende ressurser (Chapter 12) (2004)
  • NORMARC (incl. index)

Course group KoG3 Knowledge organisation and information retrieval

BIB3200 Knowledge organisation and information retrieval 3

  • Calculator

Other aids considered necessary for the exam will be made available to students by the university.

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