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International activities fund

International activities fund

We want international students and internationally minded student associations to get more involved creating an active and lively experience on campus for all students. Through the international activities fund, you can present your ideas and we can help you make them happen.

International students or students planning to organize activities that serve as meeting points between international and local students can apply for financial support through Oslo Met’s International Activities Fund.

Applications are processed continuously, and funding is handed out on a first-come-first-served basis. The fund consists of 25 000 NOK each semester, and funding is therefore not guaranteed.

You need to fulfill the following criteria in order for OsloMet to consider your application:

The activity/activities need to be open to all OsloMet students independently of their nationality, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc. The funds main goal is activities that will encourage inclusion.

  • The activity/activities should primarily aim at including international students into the local student life at OsloMet, and/or aim to create spaces in which local and international students can meet each other
  • The funds may not be used to purchase alcohol or illegal substances
  • The activity/activities should be either socially or academically oriented
  • If applying as a student association there should be at least two international students as members of your board, and you should have information in English on your website/social media.
  • If you receive funding, information about the event must be posted in the “International students at OsloMet” facebook group.

How to apply

1. Write an application that contains the following

  • Description of the activity/activities
  • Description of the main goal with the activity/activities
  • Implementation plan
  • Budget (and accounting for the previous period for student associations)
  • The amount you are applying for (Normally, applications for over 5000 NOK will not be considered)

2. Section of Career and Student Services will process all applications.

You can expect an answer within 3 weeks after you applied for funding.


The fund consists for 50 000 NOK per academic year, divided in two batches of 25 000. Any remaining funds from the first semester get transferred to the second semester. Not all funds need to be allocated.

The awarding committee consists of International Adviser, Student life coordinator and a representative from the student centre (rotates).

If an individual or informal group is applying, we will refund expenses against proof of purchases (receipts). If a student association applies, then we can transfer the funds to their account in advance and they must then present a report on the activities (including receipts and impact of the event).

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