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Install software

Install software

How to install additional software on a Windows or a Mac computer hosted by OsloMet.

These guides apply to PC's and Mac's owned by OsloMet.

  • Install software on a OsloMet Windows PC

    Note! Downloading software from the application catalogue are only for PC's hosted by OsloMet.

    1.1 Install additional software for Windows 10

    Software Center is located under the "HiOA Standard" menu in Windows 10 PC's.

    1. Open the Windows icon, bottom left.

    2. Go to the "OsloMet Standard" menu > click on "Software Center"

    See the screenshot below.

    1.2 Search for and install software

    1. Use the search field or filter your search on category.
    2. Click on the selected software to download.
    3. Once installed, you can find the software from the Windows Start menu under All apps.

    Skjermbilde: Software Center - her kan du søke etter ønsket programvare og installere på HiOA-PC

  • Install software on macOS

    2.1 Install additional software via URL

    Go to Managed Software Center for an overview of additional software / programs:

    1. Download additional applications for OsloMet Mac
      1. Use Safari browser 
      2. Go to address -> munki://category-all
    2. Alternative: Open Managed Software Center via Dock or via search in Spotlight and follow the instructions below.

    2.2 Managed Software Center via the Dock

    Managed Software Center is located in the Dock (menu bar).

    Skjermbilde: Managed Software Center finner du i Dock

    2.2.1 Applications

    If your Mac does not have the shortcut to the Managed Software Center in the Dock (menu bar), check the folder: / Applications

    Skjermbilde: Managed Software Center finner du også under Applications

    2.2.2 Start Managed Software Center

    1. Start the application: Managed Software Update.
    2. Under Category Software: You easily find all the applications for macOS on OsloMet.

    Skjermbilde: Managed Software Center hvor du kan laste ned programmer
    2.2.3 How to install - an example

    Example below: Installing Adobe Reader from the Managed Software Center.

    • Under Software: Select: Adobe Reader.
    • Click on: Install.

    Skjermbilde: Velg programmet

    2.2.4 During installation

    The installation starts immediately, additional information is displayed to the right in the screen.

    Skjermbilde: Laster ned programmet

    2.2.5 Installed software

    Adobe Reader is now installed on your OsloMet Mac.

    To remove any software / application: Press Remove.

    Skjermbilde: Adobe Reader er installert på Mac

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