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Guidelines for students' access to the network

Please contact the Student Service Centre at your faculty or the Service Centre at Kjeller if you have problems with getting access to the network.


Student registration

To get access to OsloMet’s network, a student must:

  • be registered as a student in the student administrative system (FS – Felles studentsystem).
  • be registered as an active student (paid the semester fee and registered on Studentweb).

For more information see the semester start checklist.

No access to the OsloMet network

Please contact the Student Service Centre at your faculty, the Student Service Centre in Pilestredet or the Service Centre at Kjeller for further guidance.

If you have not paid the semester fee within the appointed deadlines, your user account will be locked and your student status will be deactivated. Please contact the Student Service Centre at your faculty if your user account is locked.

For more information see the semester start checklist.

Locked user account

If you have failed to log on to your account six – 6 – times, your account will be locked.

To get access to your account again you must wait in 30 minutes or contact IT Support (BIT), phone 67 23 55 55 or e-mail:

If you have completed or dropped out of a study programme at OsloMet

Locked account after 90 days

Email and other user account + student card will be locked 90 days after your faculty has registered you as having you completed a degree or ended your studies.

This date will be approximately the 1 September for most bachelor students.


You may change your phone number or address and make reservations against the visibility of your picture in Studentweb.

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that phone numbers and addresses are correct and updated. Go to Studentweb to make an update.

No access to Studentweb

If you have trouble with getting access to Studentweb, you must contact the Student Service Centre at your faculty.


Admission to other education programs and semi-annual and one-year programs at campus Pilestredet, apply via Søknadsweb.

Change visibility of mobile number and/or picture

Please note that if you change the setting for visibility in Studentweb, it will overrule the choices you have made in your User Account (

You may change the visibility settings for your mobile number and/or picture in your IT User Account.


Your password is strictly personal and must not be shared! This also applies to IT Support (BIT), IT helpdesk and the support staff at the Learning Centres.

If others get access to you password they may:

  • delete your registration for examinations
  • view your grades
  • read your e-mail
  • change your password and lock you out of all IT services and your e-mail at OsloMet
  • endanger the safety of the OsloMet network

Note that IT Support do not store your password. If you lose your password, we can not disclose the old – the password is only stored encrypted.

Change your password

You can create a new password on your IT User Account if you want a password that is easier to remember, or if you suspect that your current password may have gone astray.

Change passwords on connections and mobile devices

Remember to change the password in setup of eduroam – wireless network and other network connections on your mobile and private devices connected to OsloMet's IT Services.

Change your password in these connections:

Forgotten password

There are two alternatives how to get a new password.

1. Temporary password via a Website and a SMS


It is important that your Norwegian phone number is correct and updated in Studentweb. If not, you can not receive a temporary password via SMS.

  1. Go to your user account ( get a temporary password via SMS.
  2.  You will received a temporary password on SMS shortly after.
    • The temporary password is valid for 8 hours. Please change the temporary password to your own immediately.
  3. Please create a new password.
    • Note! Your old password is the temporary password.
  4. Your new password is valid for one – 1 – year.

2. Receive a new password

If you do not have a Norwegian mobile phone number registered in Studentweb, IT Support (BIT) may deactivate your user account to enable you to receive a new password. 

How to get a new password after deactivation of user account:
  1. Login to your user account.
    • Username: Your OsloMet username (ex. s123456).
    • Password:  Your PIN code (4 digits).
  2. Please create your own password immediately.
  3. Your new password is valid for one – 1 –  year.

Information security and safety instructions at OsloMet

As a student at OsloMet you are obligated to follow the guidelines at the university when processing information related to the program or when using the university's information systems.

Security instructions at OsloMet.

Contact IT Support (BIT)