The coronavirus situation and exchange from OsloMet - Student

The coronavirus situation and exchange from OsloMet

The coronavirus situation and exchange from OsloMet

Stay updated on how the coronavirus situation affects exchange from OsloMet.
  • OsloMet's conditions for outbound exchange during the pandemic

    Due to the uncertain coronavirus situation around the world, there are some conditions for outbound exchange.

    The following conditions must be met for OsloMet to allow outbound exchange during the pandemic: 

    1. Your destination country must have open borders and allow foreign citizens entry. If you are going directly to or from your exchange destination via your home country, please refer to the relevant national rules and regulations for travel.

    2. The institution you have been accepted to must offer courses and a plan for instruction acceptable to OsloMet and approved through a Learning Agreement. Further, you must travel to your destination and follow the educational activities your exchange institution offers, whether those activities are digital or in person, or as a combination of the two.

    3. You must be able to purchase travel insurance that covers illness due to COVID-19 and that is valid for travel to your exchange destination.  If you purchase your travel insurance in Norway, make sure the insurance policy covers travel to «red countries», please see FHIs updated map for status. Please note that many travel insurance policies might not cover other expenses or losses incurred by COVID-19 related events. It is imperative you get a good grasp of any or all restrictions and conditions set by the insurance policy provider you choose and make sure you have the finances to cover any risk or additional costs that might incur.

    4. OsloMet can offer no financial support should your insurance fail to cover you in cases such as, but not limited to, new outbreaks, quarantine, new travel restrictions, cancellations of classes or flights, or interrupted studies. Any costs you incur during the planning and execution of your exchange period, such as costs for language courses, language testing, tickets, tuition fees, rent or deposits, are your own responsibility. 

  • Important factors to remember

    In addition to all the details you normally need to remember as an exchange student, a few factors are even more important now during the pandemic.

    • Insurance: It is always important to make sure you are sufficiently insured. During the pandemic, there is a great variation in what insurance providers cover, and what they do not cover. Make sure you know what your insurance provider covers and remember to ensure that they cover illness caused by COVID-19.
    • Stay updated: It is important that you make yourself familiar with local rules and regulations for visa, travel, quarantine, testing, and all measures set in place to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in the country you are going to.
    • Take responsibility for your own health and economy: Make sure you consider and take responsibility for your own health, and economy when planning your exchange. Remember that things can change very quickly. We recommend that you do not make any payments before it is absolutely necessary. 
    • Participate in our seminar for students going on exchange. Each semester OsloMet hosts a seminar to prepare our students for their upcoming exchange, where we touch on topics such as insurance and who you can contact if anything should happen while you are abroad. Invitations will be sent to all outbound students. 
  • COVID-19 measures in your country of destination

    You are responsible for familiarising yourself with and following all relevant rules and regulations set in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in your country of destination. Updated information regarding what rules and restrictions apply where can be found through the website (and app) Reopen EU ( and the national websites it refers to. Please be aware measures can change on short notice.   

    When returning to Norway, you must similarly read up on any rules and restrictions and be prepared to quarantine according to rules in effect at the time of your return. 

  • When abroad

    If you have questions or need assistance you can contact: 

    We also recommend staying in close contact with the international office/coordinator at your institution abroad.