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Bilingual dictionaries during written exams – SAM

Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences can apply to use a bilingual dictionary during supervised written exams. For information about other exam aids, see the web page of the individual programme.

How to apply

Hand in the application form and the dictionary you want approved at the faculty's service centre at Pilestredet 35 (ground floor), where the dictionary will be assessed and the application approved. You must take the application letter and approval with you to the exam.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that, on the day of the exam, the dictionary contains no notes or anything that could constitute cheating, cf. Regulations Relating to Studies and Examinations at OsloMet, Section 7-5 (

You can apply for the whole semester/year simultaneously.

Deadline for contacting the service centre regarding dictionaries: one week before the first exam date in the semester/academic year for which you are applying.

The Bachelor Programme in Business Administration and Economics

Students in the Bachelor Programme in Business Administration and Economics may not use Norwegian-English/English-Norwegian dictionaries or first language-English/English-first language dictionaries during English language course exams. See exam pages for full details.

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