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Application for a fourth attempt at an exam – SAM

In exceptional cases, students who have failed an exam three times may be granted a fourth attempt. You apply by clicking on Application for a fourth attempt at an exam – SAM. Please note that you have to upload all relevant documentation regarding your application.

Your application will be considered based on an overall assessment of your course of study and study situation. Furthermore, we emphasize that the enclosed documentation “explains” why you were prevented from doing your best by at least one of the three examinations. We also take into consideration whether this is the final exam to complete the degree, or if the study programme is terminating. 

Relevant regulations

The Regulations relating to Studies and Examinations at HiOA, Section 5-4, reads as follows: 'A student may take an examination in the same subject or course three times. The Faculty Board or Committee appointed by the Faculty Board may in special cases give exemption for a fourth and last attempt to take an examination.'

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